CLD6121 (800x600)

Shower Doors



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Name Description Unit Price QTY
CT4142-3670-6C CT4142-3670-6C: Shower Door 36"Wx70"HX36"D, Quarter round shape, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $500.00
CM1231-4275-10C CM1231-4275-10C: Shower Door 42"Wx75"HX42"D, 10 mm, Chrome, Clear glass $988.00
CLD6121-6075-8C CLD6121-6075-8C (SY-1-6075-11-40): Shower Door 60"Wx75"H, 8mm, Chrome, Clear glass $602.00
CLD6121-6075-8B CLD6121-6075-8B (SY-1-6075-25-40): Shower Door 60"Wx75"H, 8mm, Brushed Nickel, Clear glass $660.00
CLA6121-6079-12C CLA6121-6079-12C (LA-1-6079-11-40): 2 boxes/set, Shower Door 60"Wx79"H, 12mm, Chrome, Clear glass $1,184.00
CLA6121-6079-12B CLA6121-6079-12B (LA-1-6079-25-40): 2 Boxes/Set, Shower Door 60"Wx79"H, 12mm, Brushed Nickel, Clear glass $1,220.00
CLA1231-6079-12C CLA1231-6079-12C: Shower Door 60"Wx79"HX36"D, 12mm, Chrome, Clear glass $1,446.00
CLA1231-6079-12B CLA1231-6079-12B: Shower Door 60"Wx79"HX36"D, 12mm, Brushed Nickel, Clear glass $1,488.00
CK6211-3372-8F CK6211-3372-8F: Shower Door 36"Wx72, 8mm, Frosting $380.00
CF5241-5072-6C CF5241-4972-6C: Shower Door 49"1/2Wx72"7/8HX38"D, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $738.00
CC3231A-3870-6C CC3231A-3870-6C: Shower Door 38"Wx70"HX38"D, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $380.00
CM1231-4875-10C CM1231-4875-10C: Shower Door 48"Wx75"HX32"D, 10 mm, Chrome, Clear glass $962.00
CM2242-3875-10C CM2242-3875-10C: Shower Door 38"Wx75"HX38"D, Diagonal shape, 10 mm, Chrome, Clear glass $988.00
CM3231-3875-10C CM3231-3875-10C: Shower Door 38"Wx75"HX38"D, Diagonal shape, 10 mm, Chrome, Clear glass $900.00
CT4142-3670-6B CT4142-3670-6B: Shower Door 36"Wx70"HX36"D, Quarter round shape, 6mm, Brushed nickel, Clear glass $524.00
CT1142-3670-6C CT1142-3670-6C: Shower Door 36"Wx70"HX36"D, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $488.00
CT1142-3670-6B CT1142-3670-6B: Shower Door 36"Wx70"HX36"D, 6mm, Brushed Nickel, Clear glass $518.00
CR6221-P24-S-11 Shower Door, 24"x72" Panel, (10MM (Clear), Chrome $258.00
CR6221-P12-S-11 Shower Door, 12"x72" Panel, 10MM (Clear), Chrome $196.00
CR6221-03436-11 Shower Door, 34"-36"x72" Door Panel, 10MM (Clear), Chrome $616.00
CR6221-02729-11 Shower Door 27-29"x72" Door Panel, 10mm (Clear), Chrome $578.00
CP4121-3670-6C CP4121-3670-6C: Shower Door 36"Wx70"HX36"D, Quarter round shape, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $700.00
CP1231-4875-6C CP1231-4875-6C: Shower Door 48"Wx72"HX36"D, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $960.00
CP1231-4875-6B CP1231-4875-6B: Shower Door 48"Wx75"HX36"D, 6mm, Brushed nickel, Clear glass $996.00
CC1231A-4870-6C CC1231A-4870-6C: Shower Door 48"Wx70"HX32"D, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $440.00
CB6122-6070-10C CB6122-6070-10C: Shower Door 60"Wx70"H, 10mm, Chrome, Clear glass $504.00
CB6122-6070-10B CB6122-6070-10B: Shower Door 60"Wx70"H, 10mm, Brushed Nickel, Clear glass $534.00
CB6122-6060-10C CB6122-6060-10C: Shower Door 60"Wx60"H, 10mm, Chrome, Clear glass $462.00
CB6122-6060-10B-Frosted Shower Door,( 56"-60")x60", 10MM (Frosted), Brush Nicole $524.00
CB6122-6060-10B CB6122-6060-10B: Shower Door 60"Wx60"H, 10mm, Brushed nickel, Clear glass $490.00
2062-6070-6C 2062-6070-6C (SU-2062-6070-11-40): Shower Door 60"Wx70"H, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $338.00
2062-6070-6B 2062-6070-6B (SU-2062-6070-25-40): Shower Door 60"Wx70"H, 6mm, Brushed nickel, Clear glass $356.00
2062-6060-6C 2062-6060-6C (SU-2062-6060-11-40): Shower Door 60"Wx60"H, 6mm, Chrome, Clear glass $314.00
2062-6060-6B-Frosted Shower Door, (56"-60")x60", 6MM(Frosted), Brush Nickle $388.00
2062-6060-6B 2062-6060-6B (SU-2062-6060-25-40): Shower Door 60"Wx60"H, 6mm, Brushed nickel, Clear glass $338.00
ABR3660L SB-ABR3660L: Shower base 36"x60"x3.5", Drain Left side $300.00
ABR3648R SB-ABR3648R: Shower base 36"x48"x3.5", Drain Right side $256.00
ABR3648L SB-ABR3648L: Shower base 36"x48"x3.5", Drain Left side $256.00
ABN38 SB-ABN38: Shower base 38"x38"x6", Diagonal shape $236.00
ABCS3248R SB-ABCS3248R: Shower base 32"x48"x3.5", Drain Right side $342.00
ABCS3248L SB-ABCS3248L: Shower base 32"x48"x3.5", Drain Left side $342.00
ABC42 SB-ABC42: Shower base 42"x42"x6" $282.00
ABC36 SB-ABC36: Shower base 36"x36"x6" $238.00
ABC3260R SB-ABC3260R: Shower base 32"x60"x4", drain Right side $282.00
ABC3260L SB-ABC3260L: Shower base 32"x60"x4", drain Left side $282.00
ABR3660R SB-ABR3660R: Shower base 36"x60"x3.5", Drain Right side $300.00
ABR38 SB-ABR38: Shower base 38"x38"x3.5", Quarter round shape $238.00
ABT48L SB-ABT48L: Shower base 38"x49"1/2x72"7/8, Drain Left side $276.00
ABT48R SB-ABT48R: Shower base 38"x49"1/2x72"7/8, Drain Right side $276.00
ABB36 SB-ABB36: Shower base 36"x36"x6", Quarter round shape $252.00